Villa Rental Agreement

Property Manager: Antares Property and Hospitality, LLC (‘Manager’ or ‘Antares Property and Hospitality’)
Manager Mailing Address:
9901 Emmaus, St. John, VI 00830
Manager Email:

Guests agree to adhere to the terms of this Villa Rental Agreement (‘Agreement’) and the Villa Rental Policies and Rules attached and made part of this Agreement.

On behalf of all Guests, Primary Renter needs to accept this Agreement. With acceptance, All Guests agree to Antares Policies and Conditions stated in this Agreement. With acceptance, Primary Renter Agrees to ‘Total Charge’ shown in the statement.

CONFIRMATION: To confirm the booking this Agreement must be accepted by Primary Renter and upon Manager’s receipt of the funds required for the Booking Deposit in a timely manner, this Agreement shall become binding upon the parties. If Manager has not received the payments required by the Advance Payment date set forth, Manager or villa owner will release the "hold" on the Villa and the terms of this Agreement will be cancelled.


Booking Payments: The Total Charge amount including rental rate, USVI Hotel Tax and damage deposit is due at the time of the reservation if the reservation is made within 60 days of arrival, or for discounted stays. If the reservation is made prior to 60 days of the arrival date, a 50% of Total Charge is due at the time of making the reservation, otherwise the “hold” on the villa will be released. The balance of the Total Charge will be due 60 days prior to the date of arrival. The rental rate is locked at the time the guest booking is confirmed.

Protection for accidental damage: A refundable damage deposit or non-refundable insurance fee is required, unless otherwise specified. Return of processed refundable security deposits are released within 10 days of departure, provided the following provisions are met by Antares and the Villa Owners:

1. No damage is done to the house or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear*.
2. No charges are incurred due to smoking or contraband, pets or services rendered during the stay.
3. All debris, rubbish and discards have been taken to a dumpster located around island.
4. All soiled dishes have been washed.
5. There is no early or late check-in or check-out, unless previously arranged with the Manager. 6. No Lost Keys

*During the occupancy period any damages to the Villa or its contents beyond normal wear and tear caused through Guest actions or negligence are the responsibility of the Guest. Guest shall reimburse Manager or Owners for all associated damage/costs including attorney’s fees.


  • If the guest wants to cancel up to 60 days prior to arrival, 70% of paid prepayments are refundable.
  • No-shows, late arrivals, a reduction in the number of people in your group, and early departures after your arrival are non-refundable.
  • Reduction in the number of guests must be made prior to the final payment, otherwise no refunds.
  • If the guest cancels less than 60 days prior to arrival, and we are able to resell the dates equal to the full original contracted rental rate, the guest’s deposit(s) will be refunded, less 15% of the total stay for processing. Claims must be requested at least 30 days prior to the original arrival date.
  • As always, trip Insurance is strongly encouraged; Please explore Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage.


Your Island Host: A host from our team will be in contact prior to your arrival to discuss arrival plans, your greeter, car pick up, etc. This is a great opportunity to let us know about special occasions, discuss special requests for set up, enhance your stay with boat excursion, and take advantage of our concierge services.

Arrivals & Departures: We offer a complimentary greeting* for guests arriving on St. John between 8:00am and 8:00pm. This includes greeting at a pre-arranged location on island by one of our island hosts, who will lead you to your rental home. Additional greetings are available for split parties with later arrivals if necessary, for an additional fee. Please ask your host for possible scheduling options and additional charges. Please note that due to liability restrictions, hosts are not permitted to transport guests or their luggage in their vehicles.

*If you would like to meet your host earlier than 8:00am or later than 8:00pm on St. John, there may be an additional charge for your greeting. For arrivals later than 8:00pm there will be a $75 greeting fee. There will be a $100 greeting fee for arrivals later than 10:00pm.
*If you are arriving on a holiday, there will be a $200 holiday arrival fee.

Check in: 4 PM

Early arrivals may be requested 7 days in advance. We will do our best to accommodate, however our team most often requires this time to prepare the home for your stay. If you need to store luggage early on the day of your arrival, please discuss options with your host.

Check-Out: 10 AM

All persons and their respective property should be vacant from the property at this time. If there are guests arriving that day, the maintenance crews and housekeepers may be arriving onsite as early as 9 AM to begin work outside. We will do our best to accommodate late check outs, however this must be requested 7 days in advance and must be confirmed in writing that the option is available.

Capacity of Villa: Total guests permitted in the villa anytime are restricted to the number of guests who have been scheduled and included in rental rate. THIS INCLUDES ALL CHILDREN. If additional guests are added Antares Property and Hospitality must be notified in writing in advance of arrival, and all additional fees must be paid prior to gaining access to the property.

Linens: Your villa provides linens, bed covers, bath towels, and beach towels for your use. Clean linens will be put out at mid-week cleaning in selected villas, please inquire if applicable.

House Keeping Service: Your Villa is cleaned for your arrival. Mid-stay housekeeping service is available for multi-week stays for the following rate, please inquire. Cleanings may be purchased in advance at a $35 per hour rate with a 4 hour per-day minimum.

Villa Supplies: All supplies including but not limited to paper towels, toilet paper, tissue, dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo and conditioner will not be re-stocked during the stay.

Problem Notification: It is the Guests responsibility to notify the Manager of any problems encountered during your stay immediately, upon discovery. Antares Property and Hospitality makes every effort to minimize guest inconvenience. Many issues are easy fixes; however, some problems may not be able to be resolved during the guest stay.

Service Interruptions: Antares Property and Hospitality strives to make your villa stay as comfortable and trouble free as possible. Sadly, there are some services over which we do not have any control. Problems with the electrical service, telephone connections, both land line and cellular, Internet Service as well as cable or satellite television are managed by other service providers and we cannot guarantee that the service will not be interrupted or unavailable. We will make every effort to work with the various service providers to restore any interrupted service as quickly as possible but we are subject to scheduling by the respective service providers. Please be advised that repairs on island typically take between eight and ten days to complete. No refund of rent is provided for outages, content, lack of content, speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences with regard to TV or internet.

Scheduled Maintenance: The Villa is privately owned and is maintained by landscaping, pool and pest control professionals, who service the property and home on regular weekly and monthly schedules. Should you want total privacy, we understand, please let us know so our staff can schedule accordingly, otherwise, please expect to grant reasonable access to the service technicians. If you have any concerns, please contact us at any time.

Gatherings: No groups larger than those renting a house are allowed in our villas without advance written permission. Special events must be pre-approved after written request. Additional fees may apply.

Wedding and Other Special Events: Any villa function such as a dinner party, wedding, reception, etc. requires prior written consent of Antares Property and Hospitality. Event fees and security deposits are based on property and number of guests. Guest will pay any fines or penalties resulting from non-compliance.

Garbage Removal: Guests are responsible for removing all trash to the appropriate outside containers located throughout the island during your stay and upon departure. If trash is not removed from the villa a $75 trash removal fee may be charged to the credit card on file or withheld from the refunded damage deposit.

Damages: Things happen and we understand. Please notify your host of any damage or loss immediately. Any accidental damage is covered by the amount of a rental insurance fee or security deposit, depending on each villa. However, damages that are due to negligence, intentional acts, or abuse are not covered by this policy. In this case, charges will be made on guest credit card for full amount of damages including attorney’s fees where applicable.


Noise: Please be respectful with regards to noise at your rental villa. Please think about your neighbors, some are on vacation too, but others are going to school or work the next day. St. John has an island-wide sound ordinance which requires loud noise and music to be ended by 10PM. This law is enforced, and police may be called if you do not comply.

In Villa Services: Antares Property and Hospitality must be notified of all in-villa services. Caterers working in the villas must be pre-approved by Antares Property and Hospitality, be fully licensed, and insured.

Rates, Printing or Internet Errors and Omissions: Antares Property and Hospitality strives to accurately and completely represent our villas on the web, telephone or brochure. Antares Property and Hospitality is not responsible for any printing errors, omissions, or changes the villa owner may have made to their property after the time publication.

If the guest is disappointed or unsatisfied with a property due to differences in taste according to decor, accommodation, location or any other reason and declines to stay at the rental property, this will be considered a cancellation and no rent reduction or refund will be issued.

Abandonment: Guests who abandon their villa without notice agree they have no rights to compensation.

Real Estate Showings: Occasionally the owner will list a rental villa for sale. We reserve the right to allow the villa to be shown during your stay. This will only be by advance appointment

with you, the guest. We will make every effort to schedule such brief showings at a time convenient to you, to respect your privacy, and to minimize the interruption to your stay.

Insects and wild life: Flying and crawling insects, (and unfortunately rodents too) are part of tropical life. While all of our homes are safely exterminated on a monthly basis, you may see these creatures. Recommended daily cleaning and immediate food storage reduces the likelihood of these visitors, but may not prevent their visits. No refunds will be issued due to insect, rodent, or other wildlife sightings.

Drugs and Hazardous Materials: Guests and members of their party shall not use or permit to be brought into the villa any illegal or hazardous substances. Antares Property and Hospitality will report any known violations to Virgin Island authorities and ask for perpetrators to be prosecuted to the full allowable extent of the law.

Returned Checks: There is a $75 fee for returned checks.

Lost Keys: If you are accidentally locked out of your villa or you lose a set of keys you may borrow a key by contacting our team from 9 am to 5 pm. A $75 lost key fee will be charged for any service calls before 9am or after 5pm and are subject to personnel availability. Replacement key fees are $75 and the cost will be charged to the credit card on file.

Pets: Pets are not allowed in Antares Property and Hospitality properties, and violators may be subject to penalties up to $1000 charged to the credit card on file, immediate removal of the pet and/or eviction of the guests, and payment of all subsequent housekeeping charges incurred removing pet hair from property. All rental payments will be forfeited.

Personal Effects: Antares Property and Hospitably is not responsible for guest’s personal belongs that are lost, stolen or left behind. Requests may be submitted to staff for items left onsite. We will also notify guests of any found items. All unclaimed items are subject to donation to St. John charitable organizations.

Smoking: There is no smoking allowed within any Antares Property and Hospitality Villas. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of this rental agreement.

Substitution: Antares Property and Hospitality reserves the right to substitute comparable or better accommodations without liability, should the villa reserved be sold, be out of order, been inadvertently double-booked, or be deemed substandard by us for any reason. If comparable accommodations are not available, you, the guest, will receive a complete refund of all pro-rated rent and Hotel Tax paid for the original villa.

Construction Noise: The St. John economy is thriving. Construction is everywhere, even next door to some of our villas. While we make every effort to alert our guests of nearby construction, no refunds or compensation will be due to guest because of construction. We do appreciate your understanding in situations where construction exists.

Outages: No refunds will be allowed for local utility outages, including power outages, telephone or water outages, as well as disruptions in cable / satellite TV service or internet service.

Force Majeure: Antares Property and Hospitality accepts no responsibility for, and shall not be liable in respect of loss or changes caused by Force Majeure, e.g. strikes, Fire, Flood, Closure of Airports, Weather Conditions, War, Riots, Terrorist Activity, or any other event beyond our control.

Indemnification/Hold Harmless: The Guests agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Antares Property and Hospitality LLC and the represented property owners from and against all claims, demands, loss, liability of any kind and character, including cost of defense, arising out of or in any way connected with the tenant’s use of the property: in the event tenants or guests suffer personal/physical/property damage, injury, or loss. Antares Property and Hospitality LLC and property owners are not responsible for lost or stolen items or physical security. The duty to defend arises when the claim or demand is first made and is not waived by a delayed tender of defense. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Antares Property and Hospitality LLC and its directors, employees, sponsors, licensors, independent contractors, providers, subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, the “Indemnified”), from and against any and all liability costs (including attorney’s fees and costs) incurred by the Indemnified in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by you of any provision of this Rental Agreement.

You agree to cooperate as fully as reasonably required in defense of any such claims. Antares Property and Hospitality LLC reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you and you shall not in any event settle any claim without the written consent of Antares Property and Hospitality LLC.

Legal Recourse: Any dispute arising out of these rental terms shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Territory of the US Virgin Islands without resort to the conflicts or choice of law principles thereof. The Courts of the United States Virgin Islands, Division of St. Thomas and St. John, shall be the exclusive jurisdiction and venue for all judicial disputes and the prevailing party shall recover its costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys’ fees. Your accepting this rental agreement form and processing payment in response to an invoice constitutes your acceptance and agreement to these terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions as printed upon this rental agreement.

End of Agreement.
AGREED TO AND ACCEPTED BY PRIMARY RENTER, individually and for all guests.